• 30 Days of Unlimited Fwrd+ Connect Streaming

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    30 days of FWRD+ Connect, an online fitness platform where members can experience a variety of pre-recorded fitness classes from barre to interval to Stretch to kid-friendly classes ranging from 15 minutes to 45 minutes all to upbeat music. 7-10 new classes add weekly. Equipment includes light we...

  • FWRD on the Road
    3 videos  |   Buy $20

    FWRD on the Road

    3 videos  |   Buy $20

    Join FWRD Founder, Stephanie Firenze, for a unique virtual experience as she takes the FWRD practice on the road. Join the two week journey as she moves FWRD through Zion, Grand Tetons, McCall, and Mt. Hood starting August 1st.

    This experience includes 30 day access to a minimum of 10 On Demand...

  • 30 Day Flex Disc Video Rental

    14 videos  |   Rent $45

    Get access to 15 fitness classes (15-40 minutes in length) that incorporate the Flex Disc fitness tool. Flex Disc’s low impact, rolling platform establishes its Ground Movement Training™ system as highly effective for increasing:

    Mobility • Stability • Balance • Core-Strength

    If you need to pur...

  • 30 Day Introductory Offer

    32 videos  |   Rent $49

    Get access to FWRD's on demand streaming service, which includes a library of 30+ barre, Interval, mobility and kid-friendly workouts ranging from 15-45 minutes. Our classes There is no right path, just your path. Each class has a different focus and fitness goal allowing you to create the ultima...